A hard-working girl’s hope is revived.

When  seventeen year old Evaline was sent home from school because of lack of school fees and failure to meet her school’s education needs such as books and other supplements, she became very desolate. Evaline was just among the hundreds of students within our jurisdiction that are unable to support themselves due to their pitiable situations. Although her parents are still alive, they are unable to meet her educational needs.

However, the hard-working girl still had hope that one day she will be able to go back to school just as before. She has been a victim of her circumstance by becoming a former child laborer at a local farm near her residence.

We are glad that through your help, we have been able to send Evaline back to school yet again! Although she will have to repeat her second grade again, we are grateful that she is able to go to school.

Picture of Evaline infront of her parents' house

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Hello world!



The HIV epidemic in Kenya in the 1990s had an overall prevalence of over 14%in adults This declined over the next decade  with the national HIV prevalence currently estimated at 7.4% in the age group of (15-49) ,and 7.1% in the age group of (15-64) in 2007.

The Kenya Aids Indicator survey reports that the epidemic is geographically diverse with a particular high prevalence in Nyanza 14.9% and a higher than national average prevalence in Nairobi (8.8%) and coast province (8.1%)

The diverse nature of the epidemic transmission among injecting drug users (UDUs)  contributes  to less than 4% in Nyanza ;transmissions of men having sex with men contributes to less than 6% incidences in Nyanza;transmission among fishing communities in lake Victoria accounts for 26% of incidences .

The prevalence rate in urban population is 8.4% as opposed to 6.7% in the rural areas .an estimated of 70% of people living with HIV/AIDS live in the rural areas.

Incidences remain high at 132,000 adults and 34,000 new pediatric infections.

HIV/AIDS has caused many deaths in the community and worldwide over. many children have been left orphaned and infected too. Many infected parents and guardians are not able to take care of their children because a lot of resources is spent in management of HIV/AIDS in the families. Many children are also forced to drop out of school to engage in income generating activities to help boost their family income. Many children also resort to street life especially when parents die. In the street children also face holistic environs as they could easily become victims of violence, rape and many other injustices.

The girl child is increasing becoming more endangered as they could fall victims of the regressive early girl child marriage, rape, and unwanted pregnancy and a possibility of acquiring HIV is also high.

Towers of hope community based organization is established with genuine determination, humility and focus of uplifting such vulnerable children, restoring their dignity and  securing good futures for them through provision of  education sponsorship/support, feeding ,counseling and health programs among others.

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